We will never forget You. The website advertises it in Romanian and in Hungarian languages too, both are refering to the fact,<a href="http://www.replicas-reloj.es">replicas relojes</a> that we will preserve Marian’s memory forever.
We preserve it, because we have made a promise, and because it is very important to us.
After the sorrowful events, the Veszprem Handball Fanclub decided to remember to Marian with dignity, not only with words, but also with actions. The first step was the organising of a funeral procession 1 week after the tragedy. Thousands of inhabitants joined to the powerful procession, which acrossed the city. Later, Gábor Mihály sculptor prepared a statue to our player. The costs were covered from the donations of the fans and other civil people. The life-sized memorial was inaugurated on the field before the Veszprém Aréna, and it is continuously decorated with candles and wreaths.
In the end, we chose a newer form of remembering with the starting of this website. More people can reach the page, which sounds the eminent representatives of the handball world. We would like to give an opportunity to the friends, player-mates, coaches to call their experiences about Marian up, making his memory much stronger by them.
The memorial-site monitors the most important stages of Marian’s life with text and photos too. There are pictures, videos, articles about him on the site. And everybody can light a memorial-candle here as well.
We would like to say thank you to everyone, who took part in creating of the site, and to those people, who made the pictures, videos, articles available to us.
Special thanks are due to those, who made the foreign-language materials, so we could complete the Romanian and English versions of the site.
So if you want to share your memories, experiences about Marian, write an e-mail to mariancozma@mariancozma.com <a href="http://www.replikaorak.com">replika órák</a>and we will publish it on the site.
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